The First in Greenhousing

The increasing significance of the greenhouse has indicated the need for the development in this sector. Studies conducted in recent years in the greenhouse sector has made it possible to cultivate more fruit and vegetable products in areas of limited land all year round.

One of the most recent developments in the greenhouse sector are the MRAMOR gutter and hanging systems. As the MRAMOR gutter and hanging system is a 100% closed circuit it allows for drainage collection and further planting grounf.

MRAMOR gutter and hanging system provides ease of control of the fruits and vegetables cultivated. The shared environment of crops provides general control over crops. Due to the roots of the crops being far apart from the drainage water, diseases in crops are discovered early and spreading is prevented.

The use of MRAMOR greenhouse gutter and hanging systems creates a hygienic and ergonomic working environment. MRAMOR gutter and hanging systems ensures a clean greenhouse and quality fruits and vegetables. By providing the necessary height for the working are greenhouse workers are able to perform duties with ease and efficiency.