MRAMOR Gutter and Hanging Systems

As Mramor Kurteş Ltd. Şti. we provide products and services to greenhouse investors with our self-manufactured portable greenhouse gutter machines. Currently, four machines work with three different forms. In order to capture the maximum production capacity of the producers in the greenhouse the MRAMOR greenhouse gutters must be manufactured in one piece at long lengths. In order to do this, the specially painted galvanized steel coils are sent to the greenhouse once they have been cut to required lengths. Once sent to the greenhouse, the MRAMOR greenhouse gutter machine produces gutters at approximately 1000 m per hour. Once the gutters are produced, the gutter systems are either supported by standing support or suspended from the ceiling to stand above ground and it is ready for plantation.

Hanging System
In the hanging system, a 100 mm ‘C’ hook is hung above the main points. These hooks are then connected to specially made 4 mm galvanized steel straps through the loop at the end of the strap. These lines each have a 500 kg weight capacity. Adjustment screws can be found atthe end of the straps. The triangular bracket that is hung from the strap is 8mm thick and made of galvanized steel with an electrostatic paint layer on the surface.
Plant heating pipes can be added on request.
Standing Support Systems
Stands are specially manufactured with 1.5mm thick galvanized steel and gravelled on a surface with thickness of 4 mm. Standing Support are used where it is not possible to use a hanging system. The standing support system is not however, f,nancially, a distinctively beter option.