Ridge Creek Machine
Length 1240 cm
Height 90 cm
Width 60 cm
Weight 286,5 kg
Cradle Capacity 250 kg
Power 1,5 KW
Drivers Hard chrome plated
Speed 15 m/minute
Control Manual
Blades ST 70 Manual Guillotine
Useable Material/Thickness
  • Painted Galvanized Steel
    0,45mm – 0,50mm – 0,55mm
  • Aluminium
    0,45mm – 0,50mm – 0,55mm
  • Dere Vadi produced are specific to the building it is installed on.
  • Controls rainwater to flow towards desired location.
  • Can be used as fixed or portable.
  • Fast production, efficient installation.
  • Aesthetic, high quality production.
  • Large variety of colour choice adds to uniqueness.